Every year, Harlem Shake allows our customers to decide who will be the new face of Harlem Shake through a yearly competition. In 2016 we started including men as well as women. Customers vote in-store to decide their favorite.

The winner receives FAME: their face on our Wall of Fame, Representing us in the African American Day Float, FORTUNE: a generous cash prize to both the winner and their favorite Harlem charity, and FEAST: a year of FREE burgers!

The requirements are simple: Be a Harlem resident. Be between 18 and 98. And be yourself!







CHARITY: Harlem Children’s Zone ABOUT ME: 25, fashion designer. A free spirit, into eating, making clothes, movies, chilling in the park. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Great things have happened here, African markets, street vendors, great food, music and vibes. FAVE MEAL: Breakfast- hands down, Shrimp & Grits. Lunch- Veggie Burger, Yam Fries, PB Shake. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: PB Shake, cuz I’m savory & sweet, the perfect treat on a hot summer day!







CHARITY: Black Girls Have Tea Parties Too ABOUT ME: 27, writer & entrepreneur. Born and raised in Harlem. Leo and mom to a Leo. I just love giving out good energy. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Home to black culture and creativity. So much history, blessed to be a part of it. FAVE MEAL: Burger & fries. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: Burger & fries. Simple, but not boring. Don’t have to do too much for people to love me. Classic but modern.







CHARITY: Children’s Aid Society ABOUT ME: 26, a Litefeet / Harlem Shake dancer. Teach dance classes for all ages every Sunday, giving our community something safe and positive to do. Dance partner- Lucky Banks.WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Because we are authentic.FAVE MEAL: Classic Burger. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: Classic Burger. Performed with P-Diddy, doing the Harlem Shake in front of 30,000 people. That’s a Harlem classic.







CHARITY: Crazy4Jazz ABOUT ME: 53, Today’s Black Renaissance Woman- DJ/singer/professional muse, writer/visual artist/art educator. I like riding Vespas, bowling, making an impact. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: ART! MUSIC! PEOPLE! SOUL! BEAUTY! FAVE MEAL: Cheeseburger, fries, Chocolate Shake. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: A Chocolate Shake…. because I bring all the boys to the yard.







CHARITY: Harlem Children’s Zone ABOUT ME: 28, Harlem’s urban drag princess. Host, entertainer, teacher, born & raised in Harlem, enjoy community outreach, entertaining, making people laugh, acting, cooking, released album JAWBREAKER. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: The place to be, Hustle Ground! It will always be my home. FAVE MEAL: Hot Mess Burger. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: Hot Mess for sure! No denying that.







CHARITY: First Corinthians Baptist Church Harlem, Men’s Ministry. ABOUT ME: 36, author/marketer/mentor, founder of nonprofit- Take Note. Here over 15 yrs., like track, church, community service, biking, eating & drinking well, LIVING MY BEST LIFE! WHY I LOVE HARLEM: From studying the Harlem Renaissance and the 1940’s when I was in WV and FIT. FAVE MEAL: Hot Mess, Kale Caesar, club soda. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: Harlem Classic because I love Harlem.







CHARITY: Studio Museum ABOUT ME: 35, professor/writer/activist/freedom dreamer. I like watching “Different World” re-runs, 1st Corinthian Church, mentoring black and brown youth, existential convos about God, Beyonce & the Knicks. Proud native son. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: More than a neighborhood, it’s a state of mind. FAVE MEAL: Mama Fried Chicken. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: PB Milkshake. My skin’s the color of peanut butter & I can dance the HS.







CHARITY: Take Care of Harlem ABOUT ME: 36, designer based out of Harlem and founder of #takecareofharlem. I like watching movies, building stuff, volunteering, museums. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: All trends are started/influenced by Harlem. History, family, culture. FAVE MEAL: Jerk Chicken Sandwich with Jerk Fries. IF I WAS A MENU ITEM, I’D BE: Jerk Chicken Sandwich. It’s spicy and colorful.




Miss Harlem Shake 2018
Aisha Diori


ABOUT ME: I'm Special Events Manager at Schomburg Center, Nigerian, community mobilizer, HIV/AIDS educator, comedian, performer, “legendary mother” in ball culture and I work with LGBTQ youth. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Harlem raised me, is a melting pot like no other, full of energy, soul-fueled Black Culture and diversity! Harlem is home! FAVE MEAL: I keep it doggy: Snoop Dog & Truffle Fries CHARITY: Harlem Children’s Zone


Honorary Harlem Classic

In 2017, Florence Edwards was awarded a one-time honorary title, that of Harlem Classic, named after our best selling burger. At 97, Florence Edwards was Harlem Shake’s most senior contestant ever. Her lifetime of community contribution has led Harlem Shake to bestow this title. See her in the African American Day parade in September!

Past Miss/Mr. Harlem Shakes

Ijeoma Eboh

Amanda Mobley

Danielle Fontus

Marco Glorious Khare