CHARITY: Universal Martial Arts ABOUT ME: 19, student, actor, rapper, producer. I like karate, anything hip-hop, dance, theater. I live out of my backpack but Harlem will always be my home base. My goal is to spread powerful messages with art, whatever the form. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Everyone here has something amazing in them, everyone knows everyone. FAVE MEAL: Snoop Dog, Jerk Fries, Rootbeer Float,

CHARITY: Friends of the Children of NYC ABOUT ME: 44, Bronx high school theater teacher and actor, a renaissance artist originally from Florida, a visionary and lover of diverse kinds of people. I like karaoke and have lived in Harlem since ’09. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: I honor the people who walk the streets both then and now. It’s an URBAN MECCA. I respect its beauty, history and magic. FAVE MEAL: Turkey Burger & Fries

CHARITY: Harlem Society Orchestra ABOUT ME: 28, composer. I play basketball. As a child I went to Harlem School of the Arts, then Julliard School for jazz music and classical foundation. WHY I LOVE HARLEM:I love my people and the vibe & energy. Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, James Van der Ze, Billie Holiday all walked these streets & you can feel their presence. FAVE MEAL: Harlem Classic!!!

CHARITY: Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. ABOUT ME: 29, Dance/movement therapist. I am a “Dominican-York” artist rooted in my African heritage, community-oriented, curious about different cultures, advocate for personal growth thru dance. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Rich history in the Arts, world renowned, NY wouldn’t be anything w/out Harlem. FAVE MEAL: Turkey Harlem Classic, Yam Fries, Strbry Shake

CHARITY: We Are Phenomenal Women ABOUT ME: 43, Musician, Born in Harlem Hospital, Raised and live in heart of Harlem- St. Nick Projects. Made by two Harlem-born parents. I AM HARLEM. I’m pretty good at anything I do & I push forward until I’m pretty great!! Music is my God-given gift!! WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Harlem is home. FAVE MEAL: Hot Mess, Jerk Fries & Harlem Shake

CHARITY: Harlem Children’s Zone ABOUT ME: 37, special events mgr. at Schomburg Center, Nigerian, community mobilizer, HIV/AIDS educator, comedian, performer, “legendary mother” in ball culture, work with LGBTQ youth. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Harlem raised me, is a melting pot like no other, full of energy soul fueled Black Culture and diversity! Harlem is home! FAVE MEAL: I keep it doggy: Snoop Dog & Truffle Friess

CHARITY: Children’s Aid Society ABOUT ME: 27, Model, Producer, MC. I like writing music, playing basketball, dancing, producing music and nature. I embody unity, devotion & genuineness towards my people. I’m courageous, dependable, responsible, witty, sympathetic & optimistic. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: It’s the Mecca of everything. It’s historical & very monumental. FAVE MEAL: Patty Melt, Yam Fries

CHARITY: Black Boys Wear Suits Too ABOUT ME: 31, community activist, into youth work, community beautification, baseball, tea parties, travelling & media. Lived here all my life, know it’s my due diligence to TAKE CARE OF HARLEM. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Rich culture of shades of people & it’s the most prestige place in State of NY. FAVE MEAL: Harlem Classic w/ Cheese, fries & Vanilla Shake

CHARITY: Democracy Prep ABOUT ME: 47, Sales coach, writer, small business consultant. I like photography and getting on people’s nerves. As a black kid from South Korea, I got taunted and made fun of because of my black skin. But I always knew it was actually something to be celebrated. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Apex of blackness, unapologetic and brash. FAVE MEAL: Hot Mess, Jerk Fries & Lemonade

CHARITY: Harlem Grown ABOUT ME: 30, Actor/writer/producer/host. I like travel, fencing, reading. I come from several generations of Harlem residents. I rep Harlem wherever I go, spreading the message of love, unity & creativity. I’m fun. I love story-telling through acting, music or IG. Columbia Univ. grad, lived abroad.WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Beacon of Black culture. In my blood. FAVE MEAL: Hot Mess & Jerk Fries


Marco Glorious Khare

CHARITY: Children’s Aid Society ABOUT ME: 32, actor/tv producer/event host/singer, like martial arts, fitness, born in & much of childhood in Harlem, I embody its spirit & hustle, worked as audience producer for Wendy Williams Show and MC for (then) NJ Nets. WHY I LOVE HARLEM: Harlem is in my blood. The history, culture, pain, anguish and the love. FAVE MEAL: Harlem Classic with cheese


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Florence Edwards

Due to overwhelming public sentiment and an extremely close race, this year Harlem Shake will be honoring our second place winner with a one-time honorary title, that of Harlem Classic, named after our best selling burger.

At 97, Florence Edwards is Harlem Shake’s most senior contestant ever. Her very close second place and a lifetime of community contribution has led Harlem Shake to bestow this title.




Every year, Harlem Shake allows our customers to decide who will be the new face of Harlem Shake through a yearly competition. In 2016 we started including men as well as women. Customers vote in-store to decide their favorite.

The winner receives FAME: their face on our Wall of Fame, Representing us in the African American Day Float, FORTUNE: a generous cash prize to both the winner and their favorite Harlem charity, and FEAST: a year of FREE burgers!

The requirements are simple: Be a Harlem resident. Be between 18 and 98. And be yourself!




Ijeoma Eboh

Amanda Mobley

Danielle Fontus

Mr. Harlem Shake 2017.