About Me:
I am a native New Yorker – born and raised in Queens yet currently obsessed with my Harlem neighborhood. I can often be found traveling, eating, dancing - pretty much indulging in any adventure that tickles my fancy. My college days were spent in Atlanta at Emory University where I received a double degree in Psychology and English. As the creator of She Dares, I am an adventure planner, master connector, event host, writer, leader of interactive workshops and adding lifestyle influencer to my portfolio.

Why I Love Harlem:
I have fallen in love and found my happy place here. I am ever inspired by the history of excellence that was birthed here and the richness of soul that you can feel throughout the neighborhood. Harlem offers a magical vibe, and that magic draws you in and keeps you in its comforting embrace

Charity of Choice: Power of You Teen


The History of Mr. or Miss Harlem Shake



During the inception of Harlem Shake we knew that Harlem would be our home and wanted to give back to Harlem community in a special way. We decided to create a yearly competition for a person that embodies our brand and the special culture of the Harlem community.


As an annual tradition, the competition would become our paramount event of the year here at Harlem Shake. Amongst other perks, the reigning Mr. or Miss Harlem Shake would have the opportunity to choose a Harlem charity of choice to which Harlem Shake would contribute a generous donation on their behalf.


Our first annual Miss Harlem Shake Competition was held in 2014, where ten semi-finalists were screened by our selection panel out of 50+ applicants, followed by in-store customer voting to determine the top five finalists Cassandra Rosario, Amara Korley, Ijeoma Eboh, Elan Ferguson, and Danielle Summons.










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